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Masks & Make-Believe will celebrate our 22nd year in business this summer.  

Our business began in 1986 when we went walking the streets of the French Quarter looking for New Orleans’ mask makers. We were opening a mask and Mardi Gras shop in the Riverwalk Marketplace and wanted to sell masks by New Orleans masks makers.

Mike Stark came rushing in the day before our grand opening with a box of beautifully extravagant masks, his long red hair and beard and long robe flowing. Richard West and Perry Morgan brought in boxes of their beautifully designed ceramic and clay masks, all one of a kind with rich colors and details; they stayed and helped us decorate our shop for the opening day of the Riverwalk Marketplace in downtown New Orleans. Beverly Boulet, a New Orleans portrait artist and mask maker brought in a box of her beautiful feather creations. Later we were lucky enough to sell masks made of straws by Lanny Swift and masks made of pipe cleaners by Randy Alexander. To order Perry Morgan masks at Masks & Make-Believe, click here.

Along with the mask makers we want to highlight the Mardi Gras artists that have been such an important part of our business and our lives.  What would Mardi Gras be without the posters that show the joyfulness of the celebration, the colors, the mystery and magic of Mardi Gras.  We hope to share pictures and information with you on these artists; we hope that you will share your pictures with us of your masks and the artists who created them.

Today we celebrate a new website design, a Photogallery and a Blog. It’s our way of sharing information with you and offering you a place to share information and pictures with each other about the events in our lives that create so many wonderful memories. 

For most of us in New Orleans and throughout Louisiana Mardi Gras creates exciting memories that last a lifetime. We remember our first Mardi Gras as a child catching our first beads while sitting on dad’s shoulders or the first purple, green and yellow stuffed animal we were handed by that nice man on the float wearing a mask.  We remember the first costume mom put together for us – a gypsy maybe or a clown; I was a little Dutch girl when I was five.

Send us your photographs (family friendly only) with our masks and/or artwork. We will select a winning photograph and the winner will get a $50.00 gift certificate from our shop.  Best photo will be selected on September 1, 2008.

Coming up next:  CELEBRATING 22 Years of Mardi Gras Posters by Andrea Mistretta!


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